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how to pause video on iphone
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How to pause and resume a video on iPhone, iOS (2022)

How to pause and resume a video on iPhone, iOS in 2022? This guide with work for you whether you have the latest iOS or an older one too. Let’s dive right in!

How to pause a video on an iPhone (any version)?

Freeze the frame!

First thing’s first, you cannot pause a video while recording on your iPhone. You have to stop the recording and then start it again but that will create another video file. This applies to every iOS version, even the latest iOS 15.2. So we can only hope that it will be improved with the new iOS versions. Look for some of the many third-party applications that allow you to pause in the middle of recording but remember that the quality of your video may be reduced. Furthermore, apps are full of ads and pop-up messages. Sometimes disabling mobile data and WiFi can help to make the ads invisible.

What about iPads?

There is a trick for iPad devices. When you press the red button to stop the recording it shows you two choices – “Stop recording” or “Cancel”. Do not press any of those because at this moment you already have paused the recording. To resume recording simply press “Cancel”.

Pause during the playback

To pause a video while playing it, simply press the PAUSE button (second on the right) on the bottom of your iPhone screen. This also applies to iPad’s.


To sum up, the lack of the PAUSE function during the recording does not concern regular iPhone users but it can be truly painful for video content creators. As a video creator, I really lack these features, because takes so much extra work to put those little videos together after recording them one by one. It would be so much more convenient to just pause and resume recording the same video file.