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skrill mastercard review 2021
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Skrill MasterCard review [2022]

My Skrill Prepaid Mastercard is my personal favorite way of depositing. It is accepted in any place that accepts Mastercard and it’s everywhere! All my transactions are delivered instantly and completely free of charge. Here are the reasons why I choose to use it.

1. Contactless card

The Skrill Prepaid Mastercard is an award-winning, contactless prepaid credit card that can be used everywhere that cards are accepted. The card is simple to set up, safe to use, and free to sign up for – with Skrill you can make secure online purchases, or deposit money into your favorite online casinos or poker rooms. We accept all major credit/debit cards.

2. Anonimous debit card

The Skrill Mastercard is a prepaid card that you can spend anywhere that accepts Mastercard. Skrill Prepaid Mastercard works like a credit card and can be used in any ATM machine. The card is issued in the name of the user, and it is anonymous.

3. Great with cryptocurrencies

It is a prepaid card. It can be used as a deposit for poker, sports betting, and crypto-currency. Thus, Skrill is popular with customers from the UK and the US, where online betting is illegal or highly regulated. Also, Skrill is used by customers from Germany. They prefer this way of deposit and withdrawal to avoid high taxes applied by local banks.”

4. Use with ATMs around the world

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard is a one-of-a-kind prepaid card that gives you access to your Skrill Account balance. Use it to make regular payments, to pay your utility bills, or to withdraw money at any ATM around the world.

5. Easy online payments

The Skrill Mastercard is a prepaid card for your online transactions. The benefit to the user of this card is an online merchant acceptance of the world’s most popular digital currency, without leaving the security of your Skrill wallet. Thanks to the prepaid nature of this MasterCard, no loading or reloading is required.

6. Easy money transfers overseas

Open your door to the world of payments. It’s easy. As a new Skrill user, you get a new Skrill Prepaid MasterCard linked to your e-wallet account instantly. Visit your favorite online merchant and shop without the need to type out your card details. The Skrill Prepaid MasterCard can’t be used with a PIN, so, therefore, there’s no risk of misplacing personal information or being tricked into disclosing it.

7. Secure wallet for your assets

Skrill is a secure online wallet that allows you to easily access your desktop, e-wallet, gaming, or crypto account. It’s very easy to open, use and manage all of your digital accounts in one place.

8. Convenient for converting currencies

Make it easy and convenient to transfer and convert your money online. With the Skrill Mastercard, you can: – Use it as a Credit Card – make purchases in millions of places worldwide – convert money in wallet to 20+ currencies with real-time rates – send money worldwide instantly and securely  – request a card PIN by phone – add money online by credit card  – add funds from savings or checking accounts

9. High security for your money

Skrill is an award-winning digital money account that lets you make instant online payments and cash out with ease. Get your own Skrill Mastercard to pay online, over the phone, or at the ATM, without giving up the security and convenience of having your money safely stored in your account.

10. You can also use it for your business

The Skrill prepaid MasterCard is accepted by millions of businesses around the world. Consumers can load money onto the prepaid card with a bank transfer, by purchasing currencies with Skrill or even depositing their funds in advance on their Poker Stars account via Skrill. The card is available for use at millions of businesses worldwide. Students can pay tuition fees online, and merchants can collect payments from customers instantly by debit MasterCard.

Low assignments

Unlike many other cryptocurrency exchanges (for EUR or other currency), the Skrill commission is only 1%! So if you have excess Bitcoin, you can send it to your Skrill account and start spending your money soon.

Using Skrill is very simple – register with an e-mail address and order your Skrill debit card in the mail at home. The annual fee for using Skrill is only EUR 10, which is only deducted from the account if it has the necessary funds.

Skrill can also be topped up with a bank transfer via Trustly, Paysafecard, and Neteller payment tools. Direct transfer from a bank account to Skrill is free.

How to use a Skrill card

Skrill is also a popular payment method on various e-commerce sites. This is an easy way to receive and use a debit card, as well as pay online. In the same way as PayPal, funds can be transferred from one Skrill account to another by entering an email address. The commission fee is very small, which means that foreign money transfers also cost you significantly cheaper than most other places that offer international payments.


This card (like other virtual debit cards) offers different deposit options. The Skrill card is popular with gaming and stock market investors. Most recently, Skrill also began offering the opportunity to replenish the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The big advantage is that it, including Bitcoin, is immediately converted to EUR and in an instant, you can pay in stores, online, and elsewhere with your Skrill debit card. Skrill is available not only in Europe but also in India.