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Private internet access with NordVPN (2022 review)

Nowadays, no one is protected from hacker attacks online, which is why private internet access becomes a must. While it is tempting to use public Wi-Fi networks, sometimes they are like open fields to Internet rogue attacks. How to protect yourself from these attacks? NordVPN is designed to combat these hacker attacks and protect the personal data of online users. There are several reasons to choose a VPN to protect your data.

What is a VPN?

In answer to the question “What is a VPN” can we say that a VPN is a “virtual private network”? These are services that protect your Internet connection and online privacy. This “virtual private network” creates an encrypted tunnel for your data, protects your online identity by hiding your IP address, and allows you to use public Wi-Fi networks securely.

“NO” for unwanted tracking

There are many reasons to choose NordVPN. One of them is that VPN protects you from unwanted online tracking. International agencies tend to track and aggregate your online activity. For example, information is collected about what you post or share on your social media accounts, even if you have created your account as closed (only friends see the news). It’s also not so hard nowadays to access the messages you send to others online. VPN protects you from hiding your IP address. You can use the Internet safely and not be afraid of tracking unwanted information.

Hide your location

Probably any of us know the moments when for some reason we can’t watch a video online or read some very interesting information. This is mainly because this information is not permitted in the country you are currently in. There are also many countries where people have limited freedom of expression, certain Internet resources are not available, and every message that is sent to someone online is checked, even if the sender is not aware of it at first. This is more common in authoritarian countries, and anyone who breaches the rules or sends “prohibited content” may face severe penalties. In such situations, NordVPN can become a very good ally.

This helps hide your location so you can access your information freely and not be afraid of someone reading your personal messages.

An ally of computer games

If you are a big fan of online games, NordVPN is a must for you. VPNs can protect you from DDoS attacks, content restrictions, data restrictions, and other common problems that gaming fans face on a daily basis. With NordVPN, you can forget about an unstable Wi-Fi connection and enjoy a secure connection.

Online footprint

With VPN, you can hide part of your online footprint – your browsing history. This is a great way to make sure your ISP won’t be able to access your entire browsing history while you’re using the Internet at home.

Start your private internet access now!

You can go to NordVPN’s website – and download the service. Both paid and free versions are available. The big bonus is that after creating your NordVPN account, it allows you to connect up to 6 devices to one account. With this account, you can protect multiple devices and access the Internet securely on them. NordVPN also runs on all major operating systems and devices. You don’t have to worry about which operating system you prefer – Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. Be smart and safe when using the internet. And remember, it’s better to know than to regret!

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